Breaking Up with Addiction: Writing a Goodbye Letter to Addiction

I see now how dangerous such a relationship this is. You’ve given me the illusion of happiness, but never the real thing. good bye letter to alcohol How many times did you make me end up in ? It’s time for me to repair my relationships and start a new life.

good bye letter to alcohol

You told me there was no Me without you. I tried so many times to leave you; to walk away with the confidence that I could live without you, but you kept calling. Dear Alcohol, You took my life apart, piece-by-piece, and destroyed it. At first I didn’t notice it was you – it couldn’t be, because you were my friend. Our relationship’s silver lining is that I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. Addiction, my connection with you has turned me into a prize of elegance.

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Worst of all, you have a serious jealousy streak in you, bordering on psychotic. How could you come between my family and me? You couldn’t handle even a few special days off so others could shine. Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. I am not going to stop stepping into the light.

Clinging to the emotional bonds may also be our way of avoiding seeking treatment. But knowing what happens when we drink alcohol every day needs to be separated from our sentiments about alcohol. Your goodbye addiction letter might come in handy in the future. When times in recovery are challenging, you can refer to this letter to remind yourself why you selected to quit addiction in the first place. Going to a recovery clinic and getting treatment is frequently a critical step toward quitting the addiction. But recovering from addiction is a long process. A goodbye addiction letter might be one method to help you on your path. Whether you’re a rising alcoholic or a heroin addict, it is difficult to get through the day.

The Terror of Discovering Your Child Has an Addiction

Our Mexican restaurant fiestas. You were awesome as a margarita. I’ll never forget our days on the lake…at the reservoir. Our late nights with old friends. Sober House I’m gonna really miss you when I fire up the grill. I mean let’s be serious, water on the rocks ain’t the same. You know the line, it’s not you, it’s me?

I frequently became sick because of you, but I didn’t mind – it never lasted long and I was able to return to the party. Karina wrote this a week or two after being hospitalized for the last time with alcohol poisoning. It really helped me to understand, for the first time, what was driving her destructive behavior. You are stronger than your addiction, you may just need to remind yourself of this in your letter. Just a Texan making her home in Tennessee.

My husband and family did not know where I was. I was calling into work and had my fellow employees so concerned that they called for a welfare check. I soon came back home but continued to drink even more. I finally reached out for help one night while my husband was gone on a fishing trip. My sister-in-law and a couple other friends came over and talked me into going to detox. The teens receive educational assistance and treatment to help them reintegrate into society. Reach out as soon as possible, and let us say goodbye to addiction together. Writing a goodbye letter to alcohol and drugs is a good idea, but you might not know where to begin.

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In that sense, you quickly became my worst nightmare. Because of you, I ended up doing things that I never in a million years thought I would be capable of doing. You turned me into what I hated more than anything else. You robbed me of my independence and freedom. When we first met, I just good bye letter to alcohol knew we would be life-long friends and for a long time, we had a blast together. You brought out the exciting, fun, relaxed, invincible girl. I was fearless, I could dance, talk, flirt with guys and not worry about what others thought about me. Free from anxiety, stress, and worry.

Alcoholism and drug addiction — a monster on three legs

I started having significant consequences, totaled a car, got into multiple accidents and lost my life because of you. You destroyed my life causing hurt, confusion and pain – a lot of pain. But, my dear addiction, I see you for what you are. They say that when we are sitting in meetings (12-step programs), you are outside in the parking lot doing push ups. I know there are many people out there for you. Maybe you can be friends with someone else who is strong enough to understand how you operate. I cannot handle how you operate. So I am saying goodbye to you – forever. The past 4 days have been nice, but tough at times without you near me.

  • All these years I thought it was us.
  • I really think you just wanted to be my buddy in the beginning.
  • My , kids, job-none of them were worth as much to me as you were.
  • I was years old and I had no idea that addiction could ever happen to me.
  • We were inseparable, an exciting combination, a match made in heaven.

I had to drink right away in the morning just to stop the shaking. I drank through the day and drank myself to sleep. My skin turned really yellow and I was winded and weak at work. People at work started getting concerned and telling me to go to the doctor. I made an appointment but I got so bad I ended up going to urgent care and they sent me to the hospital. I stopped drinking while I was pregnant with my son. Take the first step toward addiction treatment by contacting us today.

Goodbye letter to alcohol.

Received treatment in a recovery center in 2014. Many people try to quit drinking on their own instead of seeking professional help. One method that has gained popularity is writing a goodbye letter to alcohol. Thank you for the good memories and I’ll try to forget the bad. It’s time for me to focus on my family. It’s time for me to make things right. They deserve me without you tagging along.

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