Needles- One at a Life-Time

person holding injection

Needles used for medical purposes are advised to be used only once. Why is that so? We give a glimpse of why it is done:

  • Safety

Needles, especially the insulin syringe/pen-needle, are engineered to administer critical drugs efficiently, but with the condition of “use only once”. Even if the syringe is sterilized, the risk of infection remains throughout.


  • Damage to the body

A needle is not designed to last long. Multiple usage of a needle can cause damage to the needle, including blunt edges. This can lead to inflicting more pain to the body, and also possible damages to the body tissues.


  • Lipohypertrophy

It is a condition wherein a lump is formed under the skin. This happens when a needle is repeatedly reused. Injecting on these spots can cause erratic absorption of insulin causing hypoglycaemia or fluctuations in blood sugar levels

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