Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%


3ml in 1 Bottle

International Name: Super Lash
Active Ingredient: Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%
Manufacturer: Healing Pharma India Pvt Ltd
Form: Liquid
Packing: Bottle
Strength: 3ml


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Super Lash Eye Drop is used in the treatment of hypotrichosis of the eyelashes, glaucoma and ocular hypertension.


This medication is for external use only. Take it in the dose and duration as prompted by your specialist. Check the label for directions before use. Hold the dropper close to the eye without touching it. Gently squeeze the dropper and place the medicine inside the lower eyelid. Wipe off extra liquid.


Super Lash Eye Drop is a prostaglandin simple. In glaucoma, it works by diminishing the creation of aqueous humour (liquid in the eye), thereby lowering the increased eye pressure. In hypotrichosis of eyelashes, it works by affecting the development (anagen) period of the eyelash hair cycle. This promotes the development of longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes.


  • Eye itching
  • Conjunctival hyperemia

This is not a exhaustive list of side effects and others may occur.Please contact your doctor immediately if any of these symptoms are found.


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